The Formula to Reach Your Zenith

Technical Expertise + People Skills + What You Value + How You’re Wired

Every highly effective leader has a unique leadership compound—a set of leadership beliefs, principles, skills and abilities—that works for them.

And so do you.

It’s a combination of your technical expertise (your IQ), your people skills (your EQ), what you value, how you’re wired and the people and organizations you lead.

Formulating your leadership compound means building on the positive beliefs that have already made you successful.

And letting go of—and replacing—those that hold you back.

I know it’s really challenging to do. Yet, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to become the leader you dream of becoming.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Coaching expedites the compounding process and fuels you to proactively move forward with new skills, abilities and confidence.

Here’s how we’ll do it together.

  • At the base of every leadership compound is the universal set of beliefs held by successful people. We’ll make sure that you’re using them to your advantage.
  • We’ll assess your current level of emotional intelligence (EQ) and identify your high use capabilities, imbalances and key derailers.
  • With all this information we’ll collaborate to formulate your unique compound and create a coaching strategy to balance your IQ and EQ to create the influence and presence you need to reach even higher levels of success.
  • Together as strategic partners we’ll implement the strategy and I’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Are you ready to discover what your unique formula is?

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