Sharing client lists and feedback is a delicate thing when you’re an executive coach.

Keeping confidences is a core part of what I do. I only share what my clients—leaders, organizations and teams—are comfortable disclosing.

I’ve worked with many companies you’ll recognize: Oracle, L’Oreal, RegentAtlantic, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Wachovia (Wells Fargo), and AT&T. And more than a few I can’t divulge in this space beyond calling them a “Fortune 100 Technology Company”, a “Leading Confectionary Company”, a “Large Wealth Management Firm” or a “Well Known Apparel Company”.

Here are some experiences directly from the men and women I’ve coached. Leaders I’ve not only been privileged to serve, but who have never failed to teach me something new.

What Clients Say

Susan shined a light in every corner—she didn’t allow me to hide one thing. That proved most helpful when it came to making the tough decisions. Everyone should have such a dedicated partner and coach. Her challenges and questions to my way of thinking helped me shift and see things differently.

Human Resources Executive (Dallas)

Susan has a positive collaborative style that helped me to build my thinking whilst also keeping me on track towards my objectives. Susan demonstrated active listening and showed a genuine interest in supporting me to work on the subjects I chose. I felt that she was genuinely interested in me as a person and so she established trust in a short space of time. She helped me to design my actions and held me accountable for progress from session to session.

Chief Executive Officer (London)

Susan is an expert Executive Coach, Business Owner, and overall wise woman. I would highly recommend her! I truly appreciated our time together, the space she held for me, the introspective questions she asked to help me move forward on my goals, and the items she shared regarding her own business processes and systems.

While Susan has a specific process that she uses with many of her clients, I believe she could truly coach anyone on anything as she has a deep understanding of the coaching process.

Chief Marketing Officer (Ohio)

Susan has a client-centered, supportive and direct coaching style. She helps you focus on your strengths, and direct what is positive and already working to the goals you have set out for yourself.

Susan challenged me in a gentle yet straightforward way. She provided positive feedback and acknowledged my achievements when I was not able to recognize them myself. I learned that I was focusing on the tip of the iceberg and that in order to move forward I should focus on what is hidden below the surface of the water.

Business Owner (Miami)

Highly recommend. Susan is an exceptional and insightful guide. She knows how psychology and behavior are interdependent and can quickly identify working points. No matter what professional challenge you face in your work life, Susan is a valuable resource and coach who prepares you for those pivotal career-changing moments. Just the Core Values Index itself is an eye-opener.

Suzette Cotto, CEO Innovate Social Media (Houston)

Susan has the unique ability to help me identify the obstacles that often get in the way of reaching my goals. More importantly, she helped me figure out systems for me to stay on track by giving me more “tools” for my “tool box”. The whole process forced me to dig a little deeper and be more honest with myself resulting in positive changes.

Rob Wilson, Business Owner (New Jersey)